Monthly Archives: June 2017

Welcome to edition two, 2017

June 21, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Illuminate for 2017. As you may have seen in the read more

A new global equity growth option for investors

June 21, 2017

The Munro Global Growth Fund provides your clients with a new global equity option for the read more

A changing of the guard

June 21, 2017

As announced earlier this week, GSFM’s CEO Andrew McKinnon is to become executive chair of the GSFM read more

Visitors from afar

June 21, 2017

So far this year we’ve hosted Brad Boyd and Scott Weiner from Payden & Rygel, and read more

A Q&A with the Global Equity Shareholder Yield team

June 21, 2017

The Global Equity Shareholder Yield investment team often hears similar questions about the strategy and investment read more

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