Man AHL Alpha – a ‘Highly Recommended’ fund

September 22, 2020

The Man AHL Alpha (AUD) Fund aims to generate medium to long term returns by identifying and taking advantage of upward and downward price trends through trading in futures, options, forward contracts, swaps and other derivatives using the AHL Alpha Program.

Lonsec has upgraded the Man AHL Alpha Fund to a ‘Highly Recommended’ rating following its latest review.

According to Lonsec’s report, underpinning the rating upgrade is Man’s strong pedigree in trend following, specifically its commitment to research innovation which has differentiated the Man AHL Alpha from its peers over time.

The research house stated a key competitive advantage of the Fund is its diversification of traded markets, the experienced research team, execution infrastructure and platform, along with the model’s overall responsiveness. Lonsec considers these aspects to be particularly valuable from a diversification perspective to an equity biased portfolio.

True to label

For more than 30 years, Man AHL Alpha has consistently deployed a trend following or CTA strategy. While other trend following strategies have changed direction to become more multi-strategy focused over time, Man AHL Alpha has stayed true to label while evolving to increase the number of asset types and markets it invests across. This gives rise to a return stream which is generally uncorrelated to equity markets in the long term, but has the potential ability to perform strongly in times of stress.

March 2020, the month Covid-19’s pandemic status was officially declared, is a good example of this true to label trend following strategy delivering for investors.

As governments worldwide scrambled to implement controls to limit the spread of COVID-19, the anticipated impact of isolation and shutdown spread fear through financial markets. It was a unique set of circumstances: volatility rose to levels only seen in the depths of the Great Financial Crisis, central banks worldwide promised unprecedented packages of support and a dispute over oil production led to exacerbated falls in the price of crude, seeing a drop of 30% on 8 March alone.

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