Cambridge Global Asset Management (Cambridge) was established in 2008 and operates from offices in Boston and Toronto. Cambridge has a broad mission focused on building wealth for its clients through its fundamental approach to investing, which focuses on identifying value-creating businesses. Cambridge seeks to continually earn clients’ trust by exemplifying the highest standards of the wealth management industry and by investing clients’ money as it does for its own staff and their families.

Each pillar of Cambridge’s investment philosophy was conceived to help compound client wealth over the long term. Cambridge’s investment philosophy dictates how the team operates, what they stand for and what differentiates Cambridge from the competition.

Cambridge Global Asset Management’s investment philosophy is defined by three key concepts:

Fundamental approach

  • Deep, bottom-up research process
  • Requires discipline, independent thought, and a long-term perspective
  • Benchmark agnostic delivers differentiated portfolios

Value creating businesses

  • Identify durable business models
  • Pay the appropriate price for a business’ value creation potential
  • Focus on identifying unique insights about companies

Ownership mentality

  • Stewards of our clients’ capital
  • Seek the alignment of interests of all stakeholders
  • Co-investment alongside our clients.

The combination of deep fundamental research applied to a universe of value-creating businesses that ascribe to an ownership mentality are key attributes in creating a portfolio that Cambridge believes can deliver strong long-term risk-adjusted returns for clients.

Cambridge is a division of CI Investments (CI), a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp (CI Financial), a diversified wealth management firm established in 1965. Independent and Canadian-owned, CI Financial is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CIX) and provides a comprehensive selection of investment solutions and services.

Cambridge at a glance

  • Distinct investment philosophy aims to deliver strong long-term risk-adjusted returns for clients
  • Cambridge has steadily added depth and breadth to its research capabilities, which allows it to cover more value creating businesses around the world
  • As stewards of their clients’ capital, the Cambridge team seeks to align the interests of all stakeholders – their clients, the companies they invest in, and the investment professionals at Cambridge – wherever possible
  • Cambridge employs a bottom-up, fundamental investment process with an emphasis on identifying companies that trade at a discount to intrinsic value
  • C$15.6 billion assets under management for clients around the world (at 31 December 2020).

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