“The investment approach is designed to provide a model portfolio with low turnover, appropriate risk controls relative to the benchmark, and comparatively lower costs.”

Fund overview

The Fund is a diversified portfolio benchmarked to the S&P/ASX 100 Industrials Accumulation Index. It seeks to deliver a return in line with the benchmark, while holding less than half the stocks in the investible universe. Turnover is expected to be low with the portfolio tilted towards holding better quality companies while also carefully managing risk.

In managing the Fund, redpoint combines long horizon sustainable quality metrics and risk management expertise to exclude or underweight poorer rated companies. The Fund will usually hold 30-40 companies and aims to deliver a portfolio with low active risk relative to the benchmark, while being tilted towards companies with better quality characteristics.

The diversified nature of the holdings and Redpoint’s disciplined approach to managing the portfolio helps the Fund deliver returns in a broad range of market conditions.

This strategy is also available as an SMA portfolio.

The Fund at a glance

  • Diversified portfolio of Australian industrial stocks
  • Quantitative investment approach
  • Low turnover portfolio
  • 30-40 holdings on average
  • Access to an experienced investment team
  • Focus on delivering income and capital growth, with a focus on tax-effective dividend stream