Eastspring GEM Dynamic

The Eastspring Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Dynamic Strategy provides institutional and wholesale investors with exposure to an all cap portfolio of high conviction, value style, global emerging market equities.

Strategy Overview

The investment approach adopted by Eastspring Singapore results in a global emerging market equity portfolio that is high conviction; a best ideas portfolio that is benchmark aware but not benchmark driven.

This all cap value strategy focuses on finding contrarian value opportunities. Premised on the belief that systemic behavioural biases drive mispricing, true underlying value is not always reflected in price. Exploiting these biases requires emotional detachment, rigorous analysis and discipline over a longer-term horizon as well as an unwavering focus on through cycle normalised earnings.

The team’s investment edge lies in having a disciplined investment process targeting valuation outliers with a longer-term focus on through cycle normalised earnings. Its structure, as sector/country generalists, optimises rigorous debate and challenge and mitigate biases. Consensus team decision making improves conviction, minimises key-man risk and shares accountability for outcomes.

Portfolio construction and implementation are separate disciplines and sources of alpha. Only the highest return and conviction names make it into the strategy’s portfolio. The result is a benchmark aware, not constrained, portfolio to maximise alpha and manage unintended risk.


Investment is limited to institutional and wholesale investors only. For more information, please contact Charles Levinge at GSFM

  • All cap value oriented strategy
  • High conviction, best ideas portfolio
  • Benchmark aware, not driven
  • Proven track record for delivering uncorrelated alpha
  • Dedicated team with average investment experience of 21 years
  • Access to the wider Eastspring equity platform with more than 140 investment professionals in Singapore and in local markets

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