“The cornerstone of Man AHL’s investment philosophy is that financial markets frequently demonstrate inefficiencies in price trends, which can be predicted through careful statistical analysis.”

Fund Overview

The Fund provides investors with access to one of the world’s longest running managed futures programs, which has historically experienced a low correlation with the performance of traditional asset classes such as equities, property and bonds1.

The investment approach is a fully systematic, research driven, quantitative process that exploits technical or price driven signals through investment in a broad range of futures and forward markets, as well as highly liquid OTC markets. It is underpinned by the AHL Alpha Program, a sophisticated computerised managed futures program designed to identify and capture trends across a range of sectors including stocks, bonds, currencies, agriculturals, metals, interest rates, energies and credit.

The AHL Alpha Program primarily adopts a ‘trend following’ investment approach, meaning that it seeks to generate returns from sustained price movements (price trends or other repeatable patterns) in the markets it accesses; these can be either upward or downward price movements.


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The Fund at a glance

  • A quantitatively driven managed futures product
  • Managed futures are generally uncorrelated with traditional asset classes
  • An allocation to managed futures within a diversified portfolio has the potential to reduce risk and enhance returns
  • Risk management is an essential component of the investment process
  • Large investment team (140+) with strong academic qualifications

1 Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance