Australian Entertainment Partners

Australian Entertainment Partners provides a unique opportunity to invest in film and television projects that are Made in Australia without any material exposure to box office overall performance or other audience related risks.

Melbourne based Australian Entertainment Partners (AEP) was established in 2022 to focus on the development of the Australian screen industry.

AEP is uniquely situated to bring film and TV production to Australia, offering significant value add to studios and streamers seeking to film in Australia. For investors, it’s an alternative asset class uncorrelated with traditional investments.

The firm’s primary focus is the development of the Australian screen industry by:

  • Sourcing projects globally for production in Australia
  • Arranging distribution and finance for Australian producers
  • Partnering with studios and producers to co-produce original productions in Australia.

AEP believes there is an attractive investment opportunity to provide long term financing to the Australian screen industry. Australia is attractive to global film and television producers because:

  • Australian cast, crew, and creative talent are highly regarded by the global film and television community and continue to be in high demand
  • Australian facilities, locations, and post-production/special effects are world-class and actively engaged by producers from all over the world
  • Australian government support and current production incentives are among the world leaders; an Australia-based fund is best positioned to maximise these grants
  • Australia is perceived as being a “safe” place for film and television production in a world with a continuing Covid-19 pandemic and instability in Eastern Europe (a traditional destination for production); it is increasingly seen as a desirable location and lower risk political environment.

AEP has a strong management team with combined production and finance experience exceeding 100 years. The firm has the highest level of access to buyers at Hollywood studios, streamers and other global purchasers of film and television content.

  • Melbourne based, with representative offices in Los Angeles
  • Uniquely situated to bring film and TV production to Australia
  • Success of AEP’s Fund is not dependent on individual project performance
  • Australia is an attractive destination for global film and television producers
  • Strong management team

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