“The Fund provides access to some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the world today.”

Fund Overview

The Fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in an unhedged actively managed portfolio of listed equities, located anywhere in the world, except Australia. The investment strategy is designed to identify sustainable growth trends that are under appreciated and mispriced by the market and the resulting winning stocks.

Munro Partners utilises its proprietary investment process to generate a focused investment universe and filters these growth ideas into a concentrated portfolio of investments. This is achieved by leveraging top-down thematic views (‘Areas of Interest’ or ‘AoI’) and Munro’s bottom-up stock library to generate high conviction investment ideas.

The Fund focuses on growth and structural changes, while being index unaware, through a disciplined investment process that provides access to a fully invested portfolio outside of Australia.

The Fund at a glance

  • Active, growth-focused global equity strategy
  • High conviction portfolio of 20-40 companies
  • A true international equities fund, fully invested in structural growth companies outside of Australia
  • Managed by a high-quality investment team
  • The investment team invests in the Fund, creating a strong alignment of interests between the team and investors

Performance update – 31 March 2022