Access European Infrastructure

The Access European Infrastructure investment program provides institutional and wholesale investors with exposure to European infrastructure assets spanning the energy & utilities, renewables, telecommunications, transport & mobility, and social infrastructure sectors.

Investment Program Overview

In managing the program, Access aims to build a diversified portfolio of sustainable infrastructure direct and co-investments providing investors with an attractive risk-adjusted return, with regular cash yield distributions representing a substantial component of the total return. The program is focused on stable brownfield European assets across the energy & utilities, renewables, telecommunications, transport & mobility and social infrastructure sectors.

The need for this infrastructure is growing at a fast pace and governments alone cannot fund these projects. Public private partner models (PPP) are a growing trend in this sector. These investments offer attractive risk/return characteristics bolstered by the essential nature of the assets, their ability to generate stable long-term yield and their resilience to changing economic cycles.

Private investments in infrastructure assets are set to grow as a consequence of the following fundamental trends:

  • Continued government support: stretched public finance capacities combined with historic under-investment in infrastructure have led governments to turn to the private sector to provide financing solutions for the design and building of new assets as well as for the maintenance and refurbishment of existing Infrastructure
  • Corporate restructuring and refocusing: many European and OECD based companies are incentivised to streamline their business activities and to pursue debt deconsolidation of capital-intensive assets which have infrastructure characteristics, such as gas and electricity transmission assets, through full or partial disposals.
  • Strong secular megatrends and societal needs: extensive expenditure is required to develop, replace or expand infrastructure assets across European countries, in line with new demand that has evolved in parallel with factors such as acceleration of the energy transition, transport decarbonization, digital transformation, changing demographics and increasing urbanisation.

The Access Infrastructure Team places strong emphasis on generating stable and recurring cash yield, combined with long-term capital appreciation and limited return volatility. This investment philosophy is translated into a clear and consistent focus on investing in brownfield assets in developed economies, with a conservative approach to leverage and strong diversification across sectors and revenue regimes to foster cash yield resilience.


Investment is limited to institutional and wholesale investors only. For more information, please contact Charles Levinge at GSFM

  • Dedicated Infrastructure Team comprises 13 investment professionals with a combined experience of 100 years in private assets and infrastructure
  • Priority on stable brownfield assets
  • Focus on recurring cash yield generation
  • Strong deal sourcing capabilities
  • Strong alignment of interests with investors
  • Aims to combine yield and capital gains
  • Across energy & utilities, renewables, telecommunications, transport & mobility and social infrastructure sectors in the OECD countries

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