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Tribeca’s active style and shared intelligence allow for targeted opportunism and a nimble approach to identifying value in areas of the market which are less understood and researched.

An Australian-based boutique fund manager established in 1998, Tribeca is wholly owned by employees. Its clients are those who actively seek innovation beyond the mainstream.

Distinct in the market, Tribeca blends traditional fundamental qualitative research with quantitative analysis, and combines quality investment decisions with the insight of successful experience.

Tribeca’s equity focused strategies leverage the fundamental, bottom-up insights of its portfolio management and analyst teams. Rigorous financial analysis and modelling, qualitative views on management, assets, and business models are incorporated into a disciplined research and security selection process that has underpinned the firms strong multi-decade record of investment outperformance.

This multi-faceted investment approach has enabled the development of a range of products that apply specific skills to maximum effect in different segments of the market, including Australian small caps, Australian long/short equities, global equities and alternative investments.

As a trusted fiduciary, Tribeca is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment, putting into practice its belief that responsible investment, based on good governance accountability and integrity, will benefit the environment and society as a whole.

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Tribeca at a glance
  • Tribeca has over two decades of experience in providing innovative investment solutions
  • Owned by its senior partners, Tribeca takes pride in its strong alignment with clients, speed to market and proven track record
  • Tribeca manages $3.2 billion in funds for clients (at 31 December 2023)

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