ASX has announced that it will be winding down the mFund service.

There will be no change to the mFund service in the short term and no immediate action is required. Subject to engagement with stakeholders, ASX expects that individual funds will be progressively withdrawn from the mFund platform over the next two and a half years to meet the proposed closure date of 31 May 2026. ASX services relating to mFund will continue to remain open for applications and redemptions until further notice. More…

GSFM Funds available through the mFund Settlement Service:

Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Hedged) Fund – GSF01

Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Unhedged) Fund – GSF02

Munro Global Growth Fund – MUN01

Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund – GSF08

What is the mFund settlement service?

Operated by ASX, the mFund Settlement Service allows investors to buy and sell units in some Funds offered by GSFM using a more streamlined transaction and settlement process.

Investors can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units in mFunds via a participating broker. mFund provides for online transactions that are settled using CHESS, the ASX’s electronic settlement system. All transactions are recorded against the investor’s Holder Identification Number (HIN); this means listed and unlisted investments can be recorded in one place.

More information about mFund is available from the ASX.

Why invest through mFund?

  • Simple application and withdrawal – using a participating mFund broker, investors can do away with lengthy forms and apply for or redeem, Fund units online
  • Streamline transactions – using a participating broker, investors can access unlisted managed funds in the same way they access listed securities
  • Transparency – unit balances are recorded on an investor’s HIN, making it easy to monitor both listed and unlisted investments
  • A holistic view – view all investments under a single HIN.