GSFM Funds available through the mFund Settlement Service:

Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Hedged) Fund – GSF01

Epoch Global Equity Shareholder Yield (Unhedged) Fund – GSF02

Munro Global Growth Fund – MUN01

Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund – GSF08

What is the mFund settlement service?

Operated by ASX, the mFund Settlement Service allows investors to buy and sell units in some Funds offered by GSFM using a more streamlined transaction and settlement process.

Investors can easily buy (apply for) and sell (redeem) units in mFunds via a participating broker. mFund provides for online transactions that are settled using CHESS, the ASX’s electronic settlement system. All transactions are recorded against the investor’s Holder Identification Number (HIN); this means listed and unlisted investments can be recorded in one place.

More information about mFund is available from the ASX.

Why invest through mFund?

  • Simple application and withdrawal – using a participating mFund broker, investors can do away with lengthy forms and apply for or redeem, Fund units online
  • Streamline transactions – using a participating broker, investors can access unlisted managed funds in the same way they access listed securities
  • Transparency – unit balances are recorded on an investor’s HIN, making it easy to monitor both listed and unlisted investments
  • A holistic view – view all investments under a single HIN.