“Redpoint’s quantitative capabilities create an information advantage that is difficult to emulate via a fundamental approach to investment.”

Fund Overview

The Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund aims to provide an annual gross yield (including franking) that exceeds the gross yield of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index after fees.

The strategy is best suited to zero or low tax rate payers seeking to earn higher than average dividend yield and associated franking credits from their Australian equity investments, making it an appropriate investment to consider for retirement portfolios.

Redpoint uses forecasts of future dividends to generate improved income and total return outcomes versus a focus on historical data alone. A diversified set of stock selection strategies are also utilised & work together with their disciplined approach to capturing dividend income.

Redpoint believes that the economic, environmental, social and governance (EESG) practices of companies can provide valuable investment insight; these factors are explicitly integrated into the Fund’s investment process.

Redpoint’s edge as a quantitative manager is to be able to trade off many evolving pieces of information to build a diversified, actively managed portfolio with a range of different investment drivers, each acting at the same time.

A key competitive advantage is the way in which Redpoint combines the objectives of higher income capture and capital growth through stock selection in one risk managed portfolio. This approach mitigates unwanted or unrewarded exposures, and differentiates the Fund from an approach solely aligned with dividend yield.

The Fund at a glance

  • Focused on capturing an above average dividend yield from Australian listed companies
  • Experienced team with expertise across domestic and global equity markets
  • Combines a range of stock selection insights, including future dividend expectations to build an income focused strategy for Australian equities
  • EESG factors integrated into the investment process
  • Quantitative, or systematic, investment approach enables management of multiple investment objectives in one risk managed equities portfolio