Alantra EQMC Fund

The Alantra EQMC Fund provides wholesale investors with actively managed exposure to pan-European small and mid-cap companies.

Fund Overview

EQMC is an active constructive corporate engagement strategy that applies private equity techniques to pan-European small and mid-cap (SMID) publicly listed equities to derisk investments and accelerate returns. The strategy invests in an asset class not widely available to Australian investors; it is available to institutional, wholesale and family office investors.

This high conviction and long-only biased strategy is underpinned by idea sourcing that is targeted and repeatable. The investment team applies a hands-on ownership approach, with a long-term focus of between three to five years on companies with a market cap up to €2 billion. It holds a concentrated portfolio of between 12-16 companies and has a bias towards export-oriented pan-European businesses.

The pan-European SMID cap universe offers a compelling investment opportunity. It has higher growth potential than large cap, less analyst coverage that results in mispricing opportunities and a sizeable universe.

The investment philosophy that underpins this strategy is premised on strict value metrics, a strong focus on active engagement and exposure to high quality assets in pan-European markets. The team’s focus on active engagement has a material effect on the long-term profitability, return and sustainability of the strategy’s holdings.


Investment is limited to institutional and wholesale investors only. For more information, please contact Charles Levinge at GSFM

  • Actively managed with strong focus on active engagement
  • High conviction portfolio of 12-16 stocks
  • Managed by 14-member multi-disciplined team
  • An asset class not widely available to Australian investors
  • Proven track record for delivering above benchmark and peer returns

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