Yield Report: Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund

The Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund (the Fund) is managed by experienced fixed income manager Payden & Rygel. It is an actively managed fund that provides investors access to a highly diversified and well-researched portfolio of global fixed income and equity-related investments from developed and emerging markets.

The Fund is designed to generate steady and dependable returns regardless of the market environment and aims to produce a return of Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index + 250 basis points (after fees) over the medium term.

This positive return objective is possible because the Fund is unconstrained, an investment strategy that is not beholden to a benchmark. It is designed to be better able to navigate the complexities of the evolving fixed income landscape and changing economic environment.

Traditional bond funds are managed against an applicable bond index, which are generally most heavily weighted to the biggest debtors. Global fixed income indices measure two exposures: country exposure, generally weighted towards those countries that have issued the most debt, and security exposure, also weighted toward those that have issued the most debt. If the index has a longer duration profile, the fund generally reflects that duration too.

In an environment with low yields, high volatility and a lot of uncertainty, traditional benchmark-based approaches to fixed income investment can be less effective.

Unconstrained strategies are typically managed to beat a cash or equivalent benchmark, rather than a bond index; this removes constraints around duration and sector positioning. The result? A Fund that has the flexibility to dynamically alter its investment mix to find the best opportunities across securities, duration, and geography.

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Grant Samuel Fund Services Limited ABN 48 129 256 104 AFSL 321517 (Grant Samuel Fund Services) is the responsible entity of the Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund ARSN 130 353 310 (Fund) and is the issuer of this information. The Fund is registered as a managed investment scheme under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Grant Samuel Fund Services has appointed Payden & Rygel as the investment manager of the Fund. Class A Units in the Fund are available for issue by Grant Samuel Fund Services, as responsible entity of the Fund. This information has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of individuals. Before making an investment decision in relation to the Fund, investors should consider the appropriateness of this information, having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs, and read and consider the product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Fund dated 1 August 2018 and the Additional Information to the PDS. Copies of these documents can be obtained by contacting calling 1300 133 451 or from this website. Applications to invest in the Fund must be made on the application form which can be downloaded from this website or obtained by calling 1300 133 451. This advertisement was issued on 25 August 2017.