As chief investment officer of Munro Partners, a global growth equity strategy that seeks to be the global growth fund for Australian investors, Nick Griffin has been among the most successful at identifying and leveraging the most powerful economic and societal themes in recent decades.

Whether it was the days explaining how a little-known online bookstore would one day turn into a global e-commerce giant, or how semiconductors were set to be “the new oil” of the global economy, there is rarely a theme that Griffin and his growing team aren’t across.

Speaking at the Inside Network’s Equities and Growth Asset’s Symposium this week, Griffin explained what may well be the biggest theme of the next decade. “There is a huge opportunity… as big as the internet, and people haven’t caught on yet,” he explained. “It’s another S-Curve moment…” referring to the rare, parabolic trajectory of the most powerful trends and investment opportunities.

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