It has been announced today that GSFM’s shareholding in Tribeca Investment Partners has been acquired by Tribeca’s executive management, effective from 8 June 2018.

After the buy-back of the equity stake, Tribeca will be 100 percent owned by its management executives.

GSFM’s distribution arrangements with Tribeca will remain unchanged, with GSFM continuing to offer the Tribeca Alpha Plus and Tribeca Smaller Companies funds to Australian investors.

Andrew McKinnon, executive chair of GSFM, said: “GSFM acquired its equity stake in Tribeca in May 2008, and 2018 marks 10 years of a successful partnership.

“Over the past decade, Tribeca’s funds under management have grown from $660 million to $2.2 billion, which is a testament to the success of our partnership.”

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