In a regular series of presentations on the state of play in their markets by its affiliated managers, GSFM has demonstrated the diversification advantages that multi-affiliate funds management businesses have over their single-manager counterparts. The aim, as obvious as it sounds, is to have more winners than losers at any particular time.

Damien McIntyre, the chief executive of GSFM, told a webinar for clients last week (on July 28) that his business was, despite the market volatility and uncertain economic times, “travelling quite nicely at the moment”.

He said: “For the most part our managers are in inflow status… Flows have been strongest for Munro Partners, who have had a sensational time over the past year or so. We have managers who are sufficiently different across all asset classes. Our most recent addition, Redpoint has especially had a lot of interest because of its sustainable investing strategy, including quite a lot of interest from New Zealand.”

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