Munro Partners’ Area of Interest focusing on climate change has become more important since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, as covered in Money Management.

In a webcast, chief investment officer, Nick Griffin, said the climate change theme was sub-divided into four sectors; clean energy, batteries, building efficiency, and packaging, water and waste.

“Climate change is a new theme in the portfolio, it has become even more important in the COVID era and we see it accelerating from hereon. We have six climate-focused companies, it is a growing area and there are opportunities in some smaller companies,” Griffin said.

Griffin likened it to the early stages of the technology boom with climate change companies expected to “get dramatically bigger” in the future. Wind turbine firm Vestas had already been one of the best contributors to performance in September.

“Momentum is stronger than it has ever been, it is important for companies and stakeholders. We are at the start of the big theme, more and more companies [in this sector] are going to get dramatically bigger,” he said.

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