Jun Bei Liu, lead portfolio manager with Tribeca Investment Partners pens a column for the Australian Financial Review focused on the US election. Her conclusion? The outlook for equities looks very attractive regardless of who controls the White House.

With the November 3 US election looming, the eyes of the world – and financial markets – are looking to America for an indication of what the final result, and potential fallout, will be.

Despite all the attention, it is worth noting that historically the results of a US election tend not to have a lasting impact on financial markets. And regardless of the uncertainty that surrounds the current election, with a bitter and divisive campaign being held during a once-in-100-year pandemic, we doubt this election will be any different.

Traditionally, equity market performance is highly dependent on the policy and not the party. But elections do tend to generate a lot of short-term noise. Fortunately, this can mean they also create investment opportunities as rising uncertainty drives increased market volatility.

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