Munro Partners’ founding partner and CEO, Ronnie Calvert, explains to Industry Moves why listening to advisers is so important to a successful product launch.

What goes into launching a new product?

A lot went into the launch of the Munro Global Growth Fund (Hedge Fund), with ASX ticker MAET.

We had previously launched two funds in Australia – the Munro Global Growth Fund (absolute return) and the Munro Concentrated Global Growth Fund (relative return) – this was our first foray into a quoted product on the ASX.

Like our previous funds, it was a collaborative effort internally at Munro Partners and with our responsible entity, GSFM, as well as our service providers. Given the quoted nature of MAET, we also collaborated with the ASX and introduced market maker and iNAV (intraday net asset value) providers, adding to the complexity of the launch but with the aim of making it more convenient and simpler for investors to access the Munro Global Growth Fund via MAET.

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