Jun Bei Liu, lead portfolio manager with Tribeca Investment Partners, has made two recent appearances on LiveWire Markets.

Buy Hold Sell: 5 most-tipped large caps

CSL, Fortescue, Afterpay, Woodside and Macquarie…these are the stocks that topped Livewire readers’ list of most-tipped large caps for 2021.

These stock picks have big shoes to fill, with selections over the past two years returning more than 50%. Jun Bei joins the first Buy Hold Sell episode of the year to discuss whether these 2021 picks can close the gap and give their predecessors a run for their money.

How you can sell like the experts

Selling can often be one of the most difficult parts of investing, and can be challenging for the most astute investor. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, Livewire takes this topic to the experts.

Livewire speaks to Jun Bei for a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of selling, from identifying the right time to sell, facing bad company news, and deciding whether to sell your holdings gradually or in one fell swoop.