Munro Partners portfolio manager James Tsinidis explains the impetus for the Munro Climate Change Leaders Fund and shares some insights with Industry Moves as to positioning the portfolio – or any portfolio really – for current market volatility.

Why did you decide to launch the fund?

We’ve been following this area of interest for about 15 years now actually, so although our fund as a dedicated climate strategy was just launched as an ETF, we’ve actually been investing in these types of stocks for 15 years. This fund is just 15 to 25 of those best stocks that we’ve found over that period of time, within that climate change universe of companies basically assisting with the energy transition to net zero.

We just thought we’d offer it as a dedicated fund to those that were interested in investing in companies that benefit from spending into decarbonisation. But we still do have exposure across all of our broad sort of global funds to this thematic as well. But it’s more like a 10 to 20 per cent exposure in those funds and it’s obviously 100 per cent of this dedicated fund.

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