Finding stocks that perform through the cycle: Munro Partners

March 5, 2019

Nick Griffin, Chief Investment Officer at Munro Partners, told Livewire that earnings growth will trump macro read more

The S-curve beats the macro every time

March 1, 2019

Nick Griffin, CIO at Munro Partners, writes for Cuffelinks: Talk to most investment professionals about their read more

Is Amazon cheaper than Coke?

February 11, 2019

Fund managers and CEOs around the world have been adjusting their estimates and guidance in the read more

2019 market outlook: Munro Partners

January 14, 2019

In the following video, Munro Partners CIO Nick Griffin provides insights into Munro’s early market outlook read more

Amazon is still ‘top holding’: Munro

January 10, 2019

Nick Griffin, CIO at Munro Partners, talks to Bloomberg about US technology stocks.

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