Although not a winner, we’re delighted that our investment partner Epoch was one of two finalists in the International Equities – Global category of the Professional Planner|Zenith Fund Awards.

The awards are based on Zenith’s renowned research and analysis, and cover nine key aspects of a fund manager’s structure, processes and people:

1. Organisational strength
2. Investment philosophy
3. Investment process
4. Investment team
5. Security selection
6. Security valuation
7. Portfolio construction
8. Risk management
9. Performance

Quan Nguyen, a senior investment analyst with Zenith, says the finalists and the winners of the awards are “of high quality; they’ve built sustainable businesses; outperformed consistently; and delivered upon their investment objectives”.

“They’ve got strong investment personnel, top-notch infrastructure, good investment process and culture,” he says.

For more information about the awards, click here.