Tribeca Alpha Plus Fund portfolio manager Jun Bei Liu talks about the fund’s unique investment process, which combines decades of fundamental insight with quantitative rigour, current market conditions and performance.

As well as talking process and performance, Jun Bei shares some stock insights:

For example, Domain Holdings Australia (ASX:DHG). Now, we love this company because it offers not only the cyclical recovery, it also offers this multi-year structural growth story. It is the second biggest operator in real estate listing market just after REA, but REA’s market cap is eight times compared to Domain.

The difference is REA started earlier, and REA has done an incredible job in monetising their market position. Now, Domain is coming from behind, but they’re catching up fast. We’ve seen incredible operational momentum just before, of course, the Covid disruption and the lockdown and the like, but subsequently, following the reopening in the last few months, we are seeing that momentum returning.

So, we think this company will deliver great earnings growth, and it’s probably one of the cheapest growth stocks in the market at this point.

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