Payden & Rygel has released the Fall Edition of its quarterly signature publication, Point of View.

Articles in this issue:

Mallrats: The Past, Present, and Future of the Shopping Mall
In the mid-1990s, a distinct species infested the suburban world: the mallrat. Fast becoming extinct, these once-great bipeds wasted hours of their lives looking for love, piercing ears, and scooping up compact discs in the great halls of commerce known as malls. Today’s world of online shopping appears to spell the end for mallrats. However, lost in the foreboding headlines are pockets of opportunity.

GreenPiece: The Birth of “Green Bonds”
Is top-down government action the only way to address global environmental issues? Not at all. In fact, despite the focus on one global power’s exit from a key climate accord, a burgeoning, bottom-up movement is taking shape, with the bond market—yes, you read that right—leading the “green” charge.

Beyond Bitcoin: The Dawn of “Cryptoeconomics”
A few years ago we wrote about bitcoin. Since then, the price of a bitcoin soared to more than USD 4,500. But the media and many investors focus too much on bitcoin’s price, betraying little understanding of more fundamental institutional developments. We write to help catch investors up on “cryptoeconomics” and urge them not to dismiss bitcoin’s rise so easily.

Peak Globalisation?
Has the world reached peak globalisation? Whether it is the election of Donald Trump or the Brexit vote, people seem to think that the progress towards and benefits of an increasingly interconnected world have ended. The way most people view these connections is via trade, but we argue that the nature of globalisation has changed dramatically since 1870. Fears of peak globalisation may be overdone. Also, a more interconnected world is a more prosperous one as seen by the rise in per capita output.